City of Helen 100 years

Sign up for the City of Helen notification system in which the City will let you know (via email) when there are local emergencies and pertinent information within the City of Helen.

The link is in the blue box to the right. Or you can use this link to sign up.

To all Residents and Business Owners,

On behalf of the City Commission and City of Helen, we are excited to inform you about a new City of Helen Information E-mail Notification System (Constant Contact) that we will soon be adding to our current website as an added feature on a trial basis. With the implementation of this feature, residents and business owners that choose, can sign up thru a link that will be made available on our website. By subscribing, you will be provided with automated notifications when we have significant information to share. This notification system will not replace the City's current website, but will be an added feature. On this link you will receive such notifications as: Newly approved City Infrastructure projects, Newly approved upcoming Events, New businesses in Town, Reminders of upcoming City meetings, Introduction to new City employees & Elected officials. Notifications that can also be added are things like: water line breaks, boil water advisories, road closings, government office closings, reminders of where to locate items on the website such as Commission meeting Agendas and Minutes, the calendar of upcoming meetings and events, links to the CVB etc...

There will also be a link added to the White County Emergency Notification System that you may choose to subscribe to as well. White County's Office of the Emergency Management has the ability to notify all White County residents in the event of an emergency through its emergency notification system. This system was implemented for the residents and businesses of White County with funds supplied by a federal grant. This system, combined with other emergency alert methods, is designed to get emergency messages to you the public, quickly and effectively. When activated by officials, this automated system calls homes and businesses in the affected area and delivers a recorded message to notify the public about the emergency and what actions they may need to take. The system will be used for the following types of events: missing person alerts, emergency evacuations, local security and crime alerts, weather emergencies (by registration only), and hazardous materials events.  The system can also notify City and County residents of water line breaks, boil water advisories, road closings, government office closings and any item of importance to the public.We encourage each of you to subscribe to both of these new features on our website when made available. As with any website' data base where personal data is entered, there are rules concerning the information provided and rules concerning the terms and conditions.

Anyone that has previously provided the City with an email address concerning the new notification system will be sent a message on how to subscribe. Due to privacy laws, you must subscribe yourself. Just click on the Link and follow the directions. We look forward to providing these added features to you and hope you will sign up!

Respectfully, The City of Helen Commission